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Hotel Ariston

4 November 2011: guided tour of the exhibition project Hotel Ariston with curator Thouli Misirloglou

It is perhaps not surprising given the continuous attention garnered by “Hotel Ariston” – realized as part of the parallel programme for the XVe Biennale de la Mediterranée – over the course of its month-long programme of performances and events that no one showed up for our guided tour of the exhibition space on the eve of the closing party. Admittedly, I was probably one of the last souls in the art community to have visited the hotel. But in spite of the low attendance -­ in keeping with her tireless dedication to the project in the face of countless difficulties ­- curator Thouli Misirloglou nonetheless generously agreed to take me on a 2h private tour of the six-floor building. Continue reading


Biennial Fever

Installation view: entrance to Warehouse 15

18 October 2011: Discussion of the XV Biennale de la Mediterranée and Carlos Basualdo’s text “The Unstable Institution” at Warehouse 13

Two international biennials taking place simultaneously in a city of roughly one million inhabitants sounds strangely like an art world parody. And yet this fall, amidst sounding alarms of Greece’s imminent financial ruin, Thessaloniki was the stage for just such an unheard-of occurrence, hosting both the Thessaloniki Biennial 3 and the XVe Biennale de la Mediterranée (also commonly known as The Young Artist’s Biennial), in conjunction with the city’s world-renowned Film Festival, still going strong after over 50 editions.  To underline this unusual (one might almost say cosmic) cultural alignment in a city with a somewhat less than dynamic art scene, Société Anonyme chose to dedicate its fall programme to visiting various biennial projects as a means of researching, discussing and documenting to a certain extent and from a particular vantage point the impact of this confluence on local practitioners. Continue reading

An exciting new season

It has been a rich and exciting start of the season for Thessaloniki: September saw the opening of the 3rd Thessaloniki Biennale and Action Field Kodra – annual visual arts festival; October welcomed the XV Biennale de la Mediterranée , followed in November by the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

The start of the season was similarly exciting for Societe Anonyme, which received three invitations to present its activities through projects here in Thessaloniki, but also in Turin, Italy.

The latter was the first and from one perspective the most significant (due to its international scope) proposal. It came from “The Others”, an exhibition project dedicated to showcasing the activities of alternative, non-profit, collective initiatives from around the world within the framework of Artissima art fair in Turin. “The Others” was hosted in Le Nuove, a former prison now transformed into exhibition space. Participating projects were selected by a Committee composed of Andrea Bruciati, Director of la Galleria Comunale of Contemporary Art of Montefalcone; Claudio Composti, Director of Mc2 Gallery, Milan; Alessandro Facente, a young independent Curator and Michele Lupi Director of Rolling Stone magazine, partner of The Others. Societe Anonyme was honored to receive an invitation – nominated by Ilaria Gianni, co-artistic director of Nomas Foundation, Rome – to participate to this interesting initiative as an innovative practice among other similar collectives from around the world. And even though it would have been a great opportunity to showcase SA’s outlook and the work of its participants, sadly we could not accept the invitation, due to the financial demands that this would entail. Continue reading