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Mark marathon

10 March 2011: Invited guest Mark Titchner at La Place Mignonne

In retrospect, it was a bit of Mark Titchner marathon that weekend: 3 talks in 2 institutions over 3 days. And although Mark was only in town for 4, he still generously agreed to participate in one of Societe Anonyme’s meetings! Bless his heart…

From my point of view, it turned out to be a rare and unusual occasion to better familiarize myself with his work in an intensive and strangely intimate manner, for it was much of the same crowd that found itself in all 3 events. In a way, it reminded me of the experience of going to the Thessaloniki Film Festival two years ago to catch as many Werner Herzog movies as I could possibly attend, along with his Q&A. I remember thinking at the time that the personal commitment and attention that it required was completely different from wandering through an important retrospective exhibition. There was a slowness, an immersion and a stubborn dedication on my part to learn more about one creator’s work day in and day out for over a week that I haven’t experienced in a contemporary art context in quite the same way, despite being much more familiar with it than cinema. Of course, I have seen my share of large-scale exhibitions, biennials and yes, Obrist marathons, but there seems to be something much more consumable about those formats, perhaps owing to the fact that one needs to process several different practices at once as opposed to engaging in a slow and patient reflection on a single artist’s work. Continue reading