Two or three things

SA WAS initiated in the fall of 2008 as ART NIGHT by curator Stephanie Bertrand and Lydia Chatziiakovou ( as a weekly roving discussion group taking place in various locations around Thessaloniki

SA IS addressed to all local artists, curators, art historians, theorists designers, architects, critics, gallerists, collectors, filmmakers, scenographers, musicians, dancers, writers… BEYOND personal relationships, affinities, differences, preferences, opinions and allegiances

SA IS an open collective that generates a dynamic program beyond the framework of local institutions

SA IS a critical platform to develop and circulate ideas, questions, concerns, doubts, observations, information

SA IS a forum to promote and disseminate a multiplicity of approaches and positions, aimed at giving visibility to conflicting attitudes and ideas as opposed to developing a unified vision

SA IS informal, plural, content specific, mobile, flexible, communal,

SA IS CRITICAL OF art school conservative curriculums; exhibitions and events organized out of convenience rather than urgency; the absence of sufficient public funding for individual practitioners and institutions; the petty rivalries and nepotism that cripple the local art scene

SA WILL promote local events and practitioners through its activities (both closed and public) and its blog

SA WILL organize screenings, exhibition visits, studio visits, critical discussions around selected readings, guest presentations, etc. on a bi-weekly basis


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